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Building Trends

December 2nd, 2009

Stay On Top of the Latest Home and Garden Trends

If you are getting ready to build a new custom home or remodel your existing home, you’ll want to be aware of all of the latest trends (e.g., green building, home and garden hardscapes). If you incorporate current design trends in your design you will not only update your living space, but will also increase the value of your home when you sell it.

There are several resources – print, video, and online that can help you find information about new products and the latest in home design trends. In the next few posts, I will share several “can’t do without” resources for home builders and remodelers.

One of the most comprehensive design sites for homeowners is the companion to the popular HGTV channel. In fact, the Web site – www.HGTV.com – has a wide array of tips and trend topics for all rooms of your home as well as ideas for your outdoor hardscapes. So, check it out, add the Web site to your favorites, and sign up for updates.

You’ll get ideas for simple to complex home projects in all budget ranges as well as hot topics related to the current season.

Happy reading!