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About Us

From its inception, Hastings Construction, Inc. has operated with one guiding principle — strong personal and professional relationships as the key ingredient for business success. When you hire us, you are ensured personal attention throughout the building process.

In addition, we believe that our ability to leverage our relationships with the area’s premier architects, suppliers, and construction professionals provides you with an accomplished team of individuals with home building expertise to construct or remodel your custom home in the Monterey, CA region. And, because of our commitment to strong relationships, you get direct access to our expansive network of construction resources when you hire us. These partnerships allow us to meet promised construction deadlines while turning your vision into reality with superior quality products and craftsmanship that are incorporated into an individualized quality control plan and customized construction guidelines. You’ll get personalized attention throughout the building process.

So, why wait another day? If you want to receive personal attention, contact justin@hastingsconstruction.com to put our professional team of construction experts to work for you.

Justin Hastings

Justin founded Hastings Construction, Inc. 18 years ago and he is best known by his customers and competitors for his practical, yet innovative approach to building. With over fifteen years of experience as a contractor, Justin combines his technical know-how and his hands-on experience with his superior problem-solving skills to ensure the timely, cost-effective completion of building projects that delight the homeowners. Justin’s customers value his capacity for embedding current building trends and “best practices” into customized solutions for their homes and businesses. In addition, his passion for construction, his straight-forward personality, and his personal hands-on management style result in an ever expanding “referral-based” business.

Visit our Our Projects to see a portfolio of the diverse projects that Hastings Construction, Inc. has successfully completed.

Meet Our Office Team

As a Monterey California builder, Justin manages a family-run business, and his loyal team of employees share his commitment to customer satisfaction and quality work standards. Since 1993, this team of individuals has collaborated to complete construction projects that exceed their customers’ expectations. As a customer you will benefit from the expertise of all associates because we will use our combined skill sets to customize your building project.

Natasha Whelan

Master of all of the office procedures, Natasha is our go-to-person for customers and suppliers. Natasha been the office manager for Hastings Construction, Inc. since 2015, and she is committed to timely responses to customer inquiries and the well being of the company’s employees. In her role, Natasha oversees all of the business functions and she is the glue that holds the office operations together.

You can contact Natasha at natasha@hastingsconstruction.com to get an answer to all of your office questions.

Sandi Hastings

Sandi Hastings, the marketing director, joined the Hastings Construction team in 2009. Sandi is responsible for developing the firm’s marketing strategy, designing and implementing marketing campaigns, maintaining the company Web site, and sharing information about our value-added services with all Hastings Construction, Inc. customers.

You can contact Sandi at Sandi@hastingsconstruction.com.

Meet Our Construction Team

Dan Baer

Dan has been our irreplaceable Construction Manager for four years. With unparalleled integrity and unwavering commitment to the success of the company, Dan deftly helps Justin manage the day-to-day operations of the construction crews. His unflappable demeanor, his expansive knowledge of building and construction practices, as well as his practical problem-solving skills, combine to help him to draw the best out of the company’s dedicated work teams as they build homes of distinction.


You can reach Dan at dan@hastingsconstruction.com

Ben Higson

Ben is another valuable Hastings Construction, Inc. large project manager. Ben manages his construction team’s work to ensure the building of customized homes that delight the homeowners. He uses his attention to detail and his commitment to the company’s values to motivate his team.


You can reach Ben at ben@hastingsconstruction.com