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Building Green

Are you overwhelmed by the current deluge of “green building” messages? Do you want to incorporate green construction principles in your building project, but are afraid your budget won't support a sustainable building design? As a member of the green building design and construction industry, Hastings Construction has been utilizing sustainable building designs for over five years in Monterey CA. Because we've been using green building strategies, our new customers get the benefit of our "best practice" designs as well as our personal connections with the best green architects and building suppliers in the Monterey California area. While we include the use of sustainable products in every building design, we'll help you analyze the sustainable features that will add the "biggest bang for your buck" as you finalize your overall construction budget.

As a green building company in Monterey California, we will work with you in three ways to help you design and erect a home that reduces the overall negative impact of new construction on the environment:

  1. Incorporation of the efficient use of energy, water and other resources (e.g., high-efficiency windows and insulation, passive and active solar building design, daylighting, onsite generation of renewable energy)
  2. Maximization of the health of your family and pets (e.g., minimize radon entry, eliminate possibility of mold & mildew, use insect-resistant detailing to minimize the need to use pesticides)
  3. Reduction of waste, pollution, and environmental degradation (e.g., recycling of site materials that are disposed to reduce the amount of materials going to landfills)

Ultimately, we are committed to minimizing the impact of our construction projects on the local environment while using strategies that will maximize your cost savings — during the building process and over time.

To discuss your specific “green construction” concerns and begin building a green house, contact justin@hastingsconstruction.com.