Concrete Pumping in Carmel, CA

When it comes to engineering a beautiful home, the contractors at Hastings Construction Inc. are second to none. Since 1993, we have been doing engineering, excavations, and concrete pumping.

Our team of licensed and experienced contractors will assist you to see that your project, no matter the size, is completed with the highest degree of precision. If you want a fair price for a contractor but don’t want to sacrifice quality, Hastings Construction is the best choice.

Our Attention to Detail

Whether you need a small concrete path poured in your backyard garden or construction done on your dream mansion, finding the right company in Carmel, CA, is paramount. We will evaluate your needs, create a custom plan for you, and then begin your project. We will attend to from the start until the finishing touches are complete.

The American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA) states that all personnel who are operating concrete pumps must receive certification and training. We hold this belief and make sure our operators are trained for their safety and yours.

Concrete pumping is a task that is best done by a professional. Some homeowners believe that they can do it themselves, but only experienced professionals can guarantee excellent results. All personnel at Hasting Construction Inc. who operate concrete pumps must receive certification and training. This training is incredibly important, and we don’t take safety lightly.

Before we begin pumping concrete, we prepare the site by removing clutter aside for the concrete pumping truck. Also, the space must be level, or else the concrete pour will not be level either. Other things that our contractors consider are:

  • Powerlines

  • Cribbing

  • Outriggers

These are all essential parts of the process and our contractors know exactly how to employ them. Find a reliable concrete contractor when building your next home at Hasting Construction Inc. Call us at 831-620-0920.

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