General Excavating in Carmel, CA

When you build a home, you probably have many questions that will come up before the project begins. One of those questions might be about who will do the general engineering of the structure. This is a serious question for aspiring homeowners. If you don’t have the correctly engineered structure, you may have to rethink your approach many times over.


With engineering a structure in Carmel, CA, you might think of many things general engineering can do. Some of them include:

  • General engineering
  • Excavation services
  • Home remodeling and improvements
  • Painting
  • Sub-division construction

No matter whether your construction project is big or small, having a reliable contractor on your side is crucial. After all, you can’t construct a home by yourself.

For quality general engineering, you need a reliable contractor who has the appropriate certifications. Although many different contractors have the ability and the verification for general engineering, Hastings Construction is by far the best.

Quality Materials, Quality Techniques

When you hire Hastings Construction to do a project, we do the work ourselves — we do not outsource to other subcontractors. That way, we have better control over the details of each individual project. Whether we provide engineering or general excavating, we only use the highest quality materials and the best practices and techniques that will ensure your home is built to your exact specifications.

If you live in the Carmel, CA, area, and plan to build a home, look no further than Hastings Construction. We will be able to make your most fantastic home-building dreams come true. With an eye for detail and a thirst for perfection, our team of contractors will create a home especially built for you and your family. After all, everyone deserves a beautiful, modern home.

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